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Like the best stand-up comedians, Mazetti deals in throwaway lines that make us laugh because we recognise all too well our own human foibles and the ridiculousness of life.

...She manages to raise serious issues without becoming preachy, for example by letting the passengers’ evening bar conversations range over different views on global warming, ethical tourism, carbon footprints and other topics which a polar voyage might legitimately raise. But the novel’s primary message, if it has one, is put in Alma’s mouth: love between two people is not instantly recognisable but can look like just about anything, and human beings are like icebergs, nine-tenths hidden beneath the surface.
Mazetti’s Grabben i graven bredvid, also a social-conscience-laced comedy about an unlikely romance, proved a runaway success in Sweden and was published in the UK as Benny and Shrimp. It is about to be launched in the USA and has already garnered enthusiastic reviews there, where Mazetti’s writing has been compared to that of Carol Shields.

Reviewed by Sarah Death in SBR 

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>> Katarina Mazetti began her career as a teacher and later moved into broadcast journalism. She is a prize-nominated author, commentator, musician, poet, and the producer of “Freja”, a program for women on Swedish radio. Benny & Shrimp has sold more than 450,000 copies in her native Sweden.

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The following books have been published in english.

- Benny and Shrimp
- God and I broke up
- My Life as a Penguin

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Review - Benny and shrimp

>> A bestseller in Sweden, this offbeat, down-to-earth love story is refreshingly light to read and becomes slightly addictive.


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Katarina Mazetti Katarina Mazetti - The auhor of all genres Svart streck Biography

>> Katarina Mazetti was born in Stockholm but grew up in Karlskrona, naval port in south Sweden.

She went into journalism, starting off at local papers. She took an MA in Literature and English at the University of Lund and worked as a teacher, later as a radio producer and reporter. For 20 years she lived with husband and four children on a small farm in north Sweden. She now lives in Lund. Over the years she has written books for all ages as well as literary reviews, lyrics, sketches and columns for papers and radio.

Her first children’s book was a picture book in classical hexameter. Her first novel for adults, Grabben i Graven Bredvid (in english; Benny and Shrimp, translated into 22 languages) was based on her experiences as a farmer´s wife. It was a great success and sold 450 000 copies in Swedish. In 2002 it was made into a popular film, seen by more than a million Swedes.

She has attended literary events in several countries, among them Russia, Germany, Canada (Aloud International Readings,2006) and France (where she was nominated for Prix Cévennes in 2007). Benny & Shrimp will be introduced on the USA pocket market (Penguin, aug 2009) and the film has recently been shown in Manila…Last Years book, ”My Life as a Penguin” will appear in Germany next year. Several new translations and films are work in progress.

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